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  • Tripling hate crime prosecutions and adding first-of-its-kind online hate crime reporting to combat rising violence against the Asian and Pacific Islander and other communities of color.

  • Convicted the Poway Synagogue Shooter.

  • Prosecuting the horrific school shooting at Kelly Elementary in Carlsbad and using the lessons to create a "school safety from targeted violence" protocol with all 42 school districts to keep out schools safe.

  • Fighting the opioid and fentanyl epidemic with expanded prosecution of dealers and cartels, sponsoring the law to mandate opioid warning labels to guard against addiction and launching the San Diego Opioid Project awareness campaign.

  • Expanded the DA’s Cold Case Unit, solving 7 cold case homicides with law enforcement.

  • Creating the DA’s first-ever Animal Cruelty Division to fight animal abuse.


  • Pioneering the DA’s Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Division, a nationwide model described as the real-life version of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

  • Leading the Know the Price campaign targeting college rapes and The San Diego Ugly Truth campaign to prevent human trafficking.

  • Launching the San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective-the first public-private partnership that educated thousands of teachers and students on the prevention of human trafficking.

  • Successfully clearing San Diego County’s rape kit backlog and closing loopholes in CA’s rape shield laws to better protect victims of sexual assault.

  • Establishing the North County Family Justice Center to support survivors of domestic violence.

  • During COVID, connecting domestic violence and other victims to shelter within minutes through the Safe Shelter Collaborative to reduce their risk of becoming homeless.

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Protecting women and families

keeping San Diego safe


common-sense reforms

protecting workers and consumers

  • Leading comprehensive de-escalation trainings, in collaboration with Board of Supervisors and law enforcement, for every police officer in the County. Trained 2,700 officers to date and on track to train all 4,500 officers in our region.

  • Launching Sentence and Conviction Review Units to correct unjust sentences that don’t fit the crime.

  • Lifting outdated and ineffective gang injunctions and clearing marijuana convictions for thousands of San Diegans.

  • Created the Juvenile Diversion and Community Justice Initiatives to steer hundreds of non-violent offenders, especially youth, away from incarceration and into restorative services.

  • Tackling the intersection of homelessness and public safety with cutting-edge, community-based Crisis Stabilization Centers and specialized Mobile Crisis Response teams to address mental health challenges and addiction.

  • Prosecuting police misconduct, including murder, sexual assault and excessive force.


  • Creating the DA’s Workplace Justice Initiative to combat wage theft, labor trafficking and protect workers.

  • Fighting environmental polluters, consumer fraud, and cybercriminals.

  • Successfully prosecuted one of the largest educational fraud case in the nation, in which taxpayers were fleeced out of $400 million meant for K-12 education.

  • Cracking down on medical scams and price gouging targeting vulnerable seniors.

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