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What People Say About summer stephan



CAL FIRE Firefighters Local #2881

"We are proud to endorse your campaign to continue and build upon your successes as the District Attorney of San Diego County. Your office is responsive to the needs of firefighters and those we serve, whether it be with the Juvenile Fire Setter Program to combatting arson in this fire prone region we live and work in or ensuring we have the tools we need, you have proven to be there."


Dilkhwaz Ahmed, M.S Executive Director, License to Freedom

“Summer Stephan is a gift to immigrant and refugee communities.  She has always been willing to listen to our needs and to advocate for victims of underserved populations”

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 9.08.25 AM.png

Robert L. Pope, Pastor, Encanto southern baptist church

"In DA Stephan’s short time in office, she has clearly revolutionized the DA’s office.  Her style of governing is innovative, creative and strategic.  She leads by example and her engagement and involvement has produced long-term results."

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"Summer Stephan is a true champion for victims and survivors of crime, and she has proven to be invaluable to our community.  As a sexual assault survivor, I can attest that Summer's unwavering dedication to supporting victims is unparalleled.  She has ensured that my experience and perspective as a crime victim will never be forgotten.  She leads with compassion and boundless determination to protect those who have been harmed by the most dangerous offenders. San Diego County needs her as District Attorney."


Erica m. pinto, chairwoman,
jamul indian village

“Summer is a forward thinking leader who cares about her community and the issues that matter most.  She has been a strong voice in helping our efforts to stop violence and trafficking of indigenous girls and women. Her energy, commitment and ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together is truly impressive and one of the many reasons why I fully endorse her.”


tom homann LGBT
law association

"In your 3+ years as the District Attorney, you have increased diversity within your office and your management team, including several LGBTQ+ individuals. You have instituted smart reform within the criminal justice system without sacrificing public safety: an expansion of diversion for non-violent offenders; the creation of the juvenile diversion system aimed at disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline; and the forming of the Conviction and Sentence Review Unit, which examines post-conviction claims of innocence and reviews sentences to determine whether sentences should be reduced.  Your approach toward criminal justice is being copied all across the country."

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Ginny Scharbarth, Mother of murdered victim, Founder — Kathy’s Legacy Foundation

“Summer is commited to seek justice for victims of crime and hold abusers accountable.  She has proven she is a woman of strength and integrity and will serve our community as a fair and trusted leader.”

Tessie Armstrong, Elementary School Principal (retired)

“Summer Stephan was the safety net and glue that held us together after the shooting at our Elementary school. She guided us through an incredible challenge, and ensured that we came out confident and trusting of the judiciary system in the end.”

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